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The Magic Formula: Web Design - Social Media - Printing – Funding

You do what you do! You are good at it! Let us tell the world why they should think of you first. Let us keep you at the top of their mind. Let us figure out which of our 72 Charms will create your Business Magic! Call us today at 702-267-8385

WordPress Basic Design

A Basic Layout is functional and does it's job quick and with no fuss. Complete with full Social Media integration. A Responsive Layout, means that the theme works on all devices

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WordPress Premium Design

A Premium Layout is built to impress. It features big bold pictures and possibly videos. The themes are very feature rich and look like they costs tens if not hundreds of thousands to make

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WordPress Custom Jobs

A Custom Layout is built to YOUR specifications. It features just what you want and nothing more. Browse some of our custom work from actual clients here.

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Gateways and WooCommerce

We specialize in WooCommerce, Authorize.Net, and NMI. We also handle Converge, PayPal, Shopify, and many others. Learn more here.

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Commercial Printing

We are open to the public and anyone can order from us.  We are not your average strip mall print shop.  Take a look at the 140 products we print here

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Alternative Funding

Need Cash? We can fund up to 125% of your monthly sales volume in 72 hours or less. No merchant account is required. Learn more here.

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Fun Facts

Our business is focusing on your marketing. You need to focus on your business. Let us work the Business Magic! We will implement as many of the 72 Charms as necessary to reach your customers, clients, or patients. Take a look at these facts and ask yourself if you are ready?

Percent Research Via Mobile

Percent Research Via Tablet

Percent or Less Use a Desktop

Percent Review Social Media Before Purchase

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?  That’s what we do.  We call it business magic.   We call ourselves 72 Charms because we have 72 tools to create the magic you need.  See.  Fact is a lot of people try and do it on their own.  Even more try and use an “app or quick start or free service” of some kind.  Then only to find out they can’t do what it needs to do.  The real magic is having knowledgeable people in your corner who know how to help you and who actually perform the work by hand.  The search engines know when that happens and you rank better because it was done by a skilled craftsman and not spammed by a robot.  More importantly, your customers will know it in the care and feel of your site and your social media content.   Let us show you what we can do for you.  No job is too small.  We choose WordPress and WooCommerce as our go to platforms.  Why?  WordPress is leaps and bounds above the competition in terms of the number of users (28% of the internet) as well as market share (59% of the Content Management Systems (CMS) market), so building a business around it would be a sound choice.  With 125 gateways to process credit cards on and nearly every merchant account processor on the planet able to connect to us, you have the power.  You have the choice.  We have the options for you.

1. Develop WordPress Sites
2. Design WordPress Sites
3. Specialize in WordPress/Social Media Marketing
4. Provide WordPress Consultation Services
5. Design Themes
6.  Build a Website for You – No matter what you do!
7.  Integrate you to your credit card processor via the correct gateways
8. Sell major gateways and hook up the API’s to your particular needs.
9. Build a Website for Your Online Store
10. Run a WordPress Blog and Publishing via Social Media.
11. Write WordPress Content
12. Provide WordPress Support Services
13. Create a Membership Sites
14. Create Non-Profit Sites
15. Fix PCI Compliance Issues
16. Write Policies, including, Privacy, Delivery, Refund, Terms of Service.
17. Fix other developers work.
18. Logo Design
19. Printed Materials for branding and promotion.
20. Alternative funding – we’ll buy your future sales and fund you now.
21. Mobile application API integrations.
22. QuickBooks Sync
23. Inventory Extraction and Insertion and Integration, as needed
24. SSL installations and encryptions such as AuthO 2.0
25. Plug-In installation and troubleshooting.
The list goes on ….72 things we can do for you to help you be successful.
Again, if you are involved in Card Not Present Transactions in your business (CNP or E-COM) let’s talk we have 72 services to take care of you.

It’s Business Magic.



What Clients Say About Us

We strive to publish a website in the vision of the owner, not our own. With the functionality and design to effectively reach the marketplace of the client base. We hope you'll be the next person we feature here.

The 72 Charms Blog

Here is the latest news and information on Social Media, Printing and Alternative Funding.

HD Burgers and More

Simple 1 page site with menu and beautiful photography.  Tells their story in in a single page.  It’s simple and ideal. It just works.   Perfect for they type of business they have.  Serves as a landing page for Yelp and a launch pad back to Yelp.  A site like this

City Farmer USA

Above is a couple screen shots of one of our newest clients.  Below is a letter we just got from the owner…. Charles, Just wanted to Thank You for helping us get the Elavon Converge Merchant Processing up and running for us. As you know, we were having all

Reverse SEO via elgooG

Google when spelled backwards becomes ‘elgooG‘, But the interesting fact is we can also use http://www.elgoog.im for our searches. ‘elgooG‘ is the mirror image of Google search engine; not only is all of its content a reversal of Google, the search terms must also be written in reverse order