HD Burgers and More

HD Burgers and More

Simple 1 page site with menu and beautiful photography.  Tells their story in in a single page.  It’s simple and ideal. It just works.   Perfect for they type of business they have.  Serves as a landing page for Yelp and a launch pad back to Yelp.  A site like this is about $600.00 and can be done in under a weeks time.

Please contact Charles at 702-267-8385 or info@72charms.com if you’d like to discuss your project.

City Farmer USA

City Farmer USA

Above is a couple screen shots of one of our newest clients.  Below is a letter we just got from the owner….


Just wanted to Thank You for helping us get the Elavon Converge Merchant Processing up and running for us. As you know, we were having all kinds of difficulty getting our website developer, XXXXXX, to get this to work. Fortunately, you came to our rescue and got it working in a couple of days, even with the roadblocks XXXXXX put in our way. I would highly recommend your services. Thanks again.

Bruce J. Lebish
City Farmer USA

If we can be of help, please give us a call at 702-267-8385 or e-mail info@72charms.com.



Reverse SEO via elgooG

Reverse SEO via elgooG

Google when spelled backwards becomes ‘elgooG‘, But the interesting fact is we can also use http://www.elgoog.im for our searches.

  • elgooG‘ is the mirror image of Google search engine; not only is all of its content a reversal of Google, the search terms must also be written in reverse order to yield the desired results.

It’s fun.  I love Pac-Man and the Gravity and Underwater options for searches make it that much more fun.

72 Charms LLC builds websites and promotes social media via it’s company Pierce Design Studio, go check them out over at http://pierceds.com

Oh…and have some fun today over at reverse Google….it’s worth checking out.


SEO – The Truth

SEO – The Truth

SEO – The Truth

Next to Google+ The Most Desired Service of Newbies!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “organic” result.  In general, the higher ranked on the search results page the more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users, and these visitors can be converted into customers.

It’s also the biggest scam on the Internet.  So much so, Visa and MasterCard have placed it on it’s “PROHIBITED LIST”.  Oh, it’s not even “restricted” it’s out there with prostitution and selling Cocaine.  It’s that bad.  So – you’ve all heard it’s the answer to all your ills.   It will fix your traffic and deposit money in to your bank account – right?  Wrong….stay with me readers…I’m not some cynical journalist here, I’m actually a webmaster with 25 years experience and I’ve seen products that work and products that don’t.    I hope you’ll read on a bit with me…

It sounds so simple.  Even those guys with PHD’s buy in to it.  I have a Doctor, very close to him, wife has been seeing him for over a decade.  I’ve consulted with him and said my methods took “too much work” so he decided to pay $5,000 a month to a company who told him they could “SEO” him and make him the top doctor in this region.  Guess what happened….after months and months of…just keep paying it will work talks with his “SEO” guy….yep you guessed it.   ZERO results!  Ouch.  Next, I had a Body Builder have a client of his that said, “sure I can help you out” and he ended up an “addiction specialist”.  Now he gets calls from alcoholics.  Pretty funny actually.  The body builder doesn’t call me back anymore.  Mostly because I was right.  Here is the deal.  He got spamdexed for the key work “body builder and fitness” the only two words that matter – but that’s ok – he did get what he asked for a SEO.  Now his name and his domains are never to be used with what he actually does….perhaps he can go get a degree to help all the alcoholics calling him.

Let’s examine this from another point-of-view.   One that’s not so personal.  The credit card processing companies consider SEO services PROHIBITED.  Yep.  Why?  Because it doesn’t work and the credit card companies end up siding with the card holder in chargebacks and give the purchaser all their money back and “blacklist” the companies in to something called a “match file” that’s like the black hole for people wanting to take credit cards.

Oh!  Shap!  I hope you didn’t spend your money on this garbage.  It’s a waste of time and money and you’ll get hurt in the process.  Your company name and your keywords forever “spamdexed” out of the big 2 which is all that really matter today….i.e. Bing and Google.

So why am I writing this article.  Two fold – first, there is an answer to “organic” SEO and I can help you do it.  Second, I lose customers to people claiming riches daily.  I want you to know it doesn’t happen.  Sorry.  Move on.

OK Ready for Real SEO?

Content – Content – Content.


Wait.  I wanted a long article to explain it to me.   There is no such thing.  Set your goals on providing the internet community with actual information via Social Media and your Blog.  Do it every week.  EVERY WEEK.  Did I say that?  OK, EVERY WEEK at a minimum and setup a newsletter and archives. And publish them.

But What About The SEO Reports?

Well, if you logon to Bing or Google “Webmaster Dashboards” they both have a “SEO” tool.  What this tool does is check to see that the website was built as it should be.  That is to say, that it is compliant with all current standards, and that you aren’t doing something stupid like using “Flash” or having a “non-mobile” friendly experience.  Because, if you are they will take you out of the mobile search directories.  That’s right the results you see on your phone are not necessarily the results you see on a Mac nor on a PC.  After all, there is hardly a purpose of dispatching you to a website that doesn’t work on the device you are searching for it on.

See the point?

Content is KING

Oh…Be careful on your topics….because what you pick will index.   Give real sources. Give real facts.  Give real help.  People will share the information and guess what….they will pay you back in turn.

….share….like…re-tweet…bookmark…print…seriously….you just got them engaged….

In Closing

You don’t need a SEO company – nope – you need a quality webmaster and regularly updated media content that is on topic, real, and of value to people.

But Wait, I Still Believe In Keyword SEO?

Hold out hope all you want… but I’ll leave you with one last thought.  Bing and Google charge for “keyword” listings in and “auction” style bid system that is in real-time.  A company could easily spend $5,000 in an hour to capture traffic.  So in that sense, yes, it works.  But, in reality, there is no reason to SEO your website if you are “buying keywords” from the search engines…they will send the traffic to the highest bidder be default.   SEO, is after-all, the art of getting traffic, without paying the search engines.  For that, the only answer is, CONTENT.

72 Charms LLC provides business magic to your business.   Please visit us at www.72charms.com, www.pierceds.com, www.merchantfundinglasvegas.com or just call us at 702-267-8385.  What’s magic?  The fact we actually know what we are talking about!

Social Media Explained

Social Media Explained

Social Media Explained

Social Media is not as complicated as it sounds.

Let’s say you sell coffee.  Perhaps you have a coffee shop, maybe you just sell coffee, or coffee accessories, it really doesn’t matter.  Let’s use something most of us are familiar with.  Coffee.


I Like Coffee.  I want to give my thoughts about coffee as well.  More than that Facebook “bootstraps” many of the other social media companies and membership is required to be a member of the other social media sites.   That’s why this is a top 3 must have.


I am drinking #Coffee right now.  I also heard that prices of coffee are going up and that it’s great for your health.   More than that Twitter “bootstraps” many of the other social media companies and membership is required to be a member of the other social media sites.   That’s why this is a top 3 must have.


I’m an expert at coffee.  Read my work history and find out why.  BTW got a job in the Coffee Industry.   For me as a Web Developer – I find LinkedIn to be the best social media platform for what I do.  People want to know who I am and what I’ve done before they hire me and no other platform delivers that.  If you are selling coffee…probably won’t have much more effect than Google+  It’s a possible top 3 must have for certain industries and worse than Google+ for others.


I’m hanging out to have coffee with a circle of friends or I photograph coffee and sell photos of coffee.  Otherwise – Is anyone here that isn’t an employee of Google?   No one is getting much traction on Google+ although it is the absolutely most requested social media to be linked by my customers.  I’m a member of Google+ mostly because people keep requesting it.  But fact is it’s dominated by publishers, authors, and photographers… If you aren’t one of them….most likely a waste of time.  Like LinkedIn, if you are in the proper demographic, it will work for you, otherwise, there is not much point and you can move along.


Here is a picture of me drinking coffee.   If your product lends itself to photos as a promotional art form…then YES this could be your top 3 required – Facebook is required to be a member  and distribute content from your website.


Here is a collection of pictures of well made cups of coffee along with a bunch of recipes of coffee drinks.   –  Twitter is required to be a member and distribute content from your website.  Could be a top 3 required in your website is in certain demographics.


Watch me drink coffee.  Watch me make coffee.  If your product requires instruction or a video commercial this could be in your top 3 + category, i.e. your 4th or 5th social media.  Be prepared to either hire a videographer or spend some time behind the camera.


This is where people talk about my coffee and rate my coffee.  If your product needs this type of recommendation because you are in a crowded marketplace, in your top 3 + category, i.e. your 4th or 5th social media.  Be prepare to spend a lot of time answering complaints and dealing with feedback beyond your control.  Some companies live and die by this platform.

SnapChat / Periscope / Vine / Facebook Live

This is where people who already follow you watch you in real time do stuff worthy of their attention.   You see this a lot in Radio stations and Politics.  For the most part, unless you are on the red carpet, it’s unlikely your followers will actually watch you.  I have a small networking group that the leader Facebook Live broadcasts his AM radio station once a week show and he gets 1 or 2 viewers – probably his advertisers.  ON the other hand major radio personalities and politicians may get thousands of viewers and it may be their top 3 + category, i.e. your 4th or 5th social media.    For everyone else – stick to YouTube – people can see it on demand whenever.


This is where people who share specific interests actually get out of their house and go meet others.  If your company can do that – it’s huge in certain markets.  In Las Vegas 80’s Music and Hummus groups are BIG meetup groups.  If you sell to a market where you can arrange a group – this could be more important that all the other social media.  If you can’t….well…there is always Google+.

All The Social Media Sites

Here is a list of all of the major social media sites, according to WikiPedia


Click on the link on the far right of the columns, that says, “Global Alexa Page Ranking” in order to sort it by the most popular.  I think you’ll find that most enlightening.

As always – we are here to help you navigate the world of social media and use it for the purposes of marketing to your clients.  Please give us a call at 1-702-267-8385 for more information or visit http://www.72charms.com


WooCommerce Gateway Integration Methods

WooCommerce Gateway Integration Methods

WooCommerce Gateway Integration Methods

With 16,880,217 downloads, WooCommerce powers over 37% of all online stores.

WooCommerce is now the most popular eCommerce platform on the web, so you can rest assured you’re in good company.  That’s the long and short reason for why we build on this platform primarily.  The cart is free.  The primary way it makes it’s money is to charge an annual fee when you hook up a credit card processor to handle the payments.  The second reason we chose them is the fee is reasonable and the flexibility of the payment platforms is second to none.

If you really  do want FREE then it comes by default with Cash, COD, Wire, and PayPal as “free” options.  All the rest have a fee.  Let’s go over the most popular choices.     We are going to review the fees as of Sept. 2016 as published on Woo’s website and give you a fair market value for webmaster charges to get it hooked up for you.


PayPal is enabled by default and is free to all clients and can be disabled after a merchant account is selected or left as an alternative payment method.  There is no SSL required and no subscription fee.  Well…it’s simple as they say…a webmaster should hook it up for free for you.   Seriously it’s going to take them longer to log in to your site than hook up your PayPal.  Yep, it’s that native.


4 Choices 2 Require SSL and 2 DO NOT require SSL

Authorize.Net AIM or CPI Method $79.00 / yr Requires SSL (form is hosted on your server and payment traffic is dispatched underneath via the SSL)

Authorize.Net DPM or SIM Payment Gateway $79.00 / yr NO SSL REQUIRED (A payment form to your checkout process pay page which is posted directly to secure Authorize.net servers – because of this no SSL certificate is required on your site and complex PCI requirements are avoided)’

A guide to the 4 methods are provided online here

Additional fees from your webmaster should be in the $100 range for the Non-SSL methods and $200 for the SSL methods.

NMI (and the numerous “white-label” versions of it)

NMI is only supported under Authorize.Net emulation mode and is not natively supported on WooCommerce.  It does work under emulation if necessary.  It’s not a first choice for Woo.  It’s a good gateway.  Not for Woo.  Will work in a pinch if you have to….additional fees to get it working from your webmaster should be in the $200 range.

Elavon Converge (formerly VM) $79.00 / yr Requires SSL

There has been alot of push in the market on this one as of late.  A good gateway in and of itself, however, An SSL certificate is required for PCI compliance due to the direct checkout to ensure that your customers’ credit card information is secure.  The only method supported is direct check out via SSL certificate.  Not for Woo.  Will work but will cost you additional fees from your webmaster to get it working should be in the $300 range.

Other Choices

There are currently 150 gateways supported, click here to see who they support.

We don’t sell merchant services and we aren’t trying to sell you a merchant account.   However, with that said we do believe that you should buy your own gateway and OWN that and have your payment processor simply “program” it as your best course of action.  We sell the most popular gateways here.





Download the pdf flyer with pricing here:  hang tags


You design them – lots of sizes – full color and double sided.large-hang-tag-2ACTUAL PRINTING PRESSES
Not done at home on a laser or ink jet or done at a Strip Mall print and ship center.


Postcard Pricing 4″ X 6″ 16PT


25 each to 5000 each
4″ X 6″ 16PT Postcards UV on 4-color side(s)

That means next day processing and UPS Ground Shipping is included in the price.
Camera ready art-work must be supplied by you.

Postcards – Full Color – Double Sided – UV Protected

Reach new markets, maintain contacts and more with full color Postcards! Printed on premium quality card stock, Postcards are an ideal way to attract new business, stay in touch with existing clients, thank and reward loyal customers. This eBay listing is for full color double sided postcards, without or with full bleed (full bleed means the background extends past the final measurement). Our postcards are top of the line quality at warehouse size prices! Our postcards are printed with the highest care to ensure the best accuracy in the industry
Not printed at someone’s home – or some small strip mall shop – this is serious industrial printing for quality like you’d expect. This isn’t a cheap fly-by-night printing job. Look at this equipment….

Item Description:
4″(l) x 6″(h) double sided postcards
Full Color (unlimited amount of colors).
16PT thick card stock
Glossy UV coating

Note: For this listing you must have your own artwork (we can resize it) but no design services are offered. If you need design services please contact us directly for a custom quote.
Templates are here for the cut lines
Vert Temp or  Horz Temp
Click to download the templates and remember:
We recommend that you use at least 300 dpi in CMYK color. Make sure that the finished design is sent in one of the following file formats: .pdf (recommended), .psd, .png, .eps, or .jpg.
UPS Tracking number will be given upon shipment

Production Times
CUT OFF TIME: 10:00 am
*File uploaded by time listed. Production facility time zone

Pricing by Quantity
25 = $34.99
50 = $36.99
100 = $44.99
250 = $49.99
500 = $69.99
1000 = $79.99
5000 = $199.99

Custom 4×6 PostCard

Upon purchasing our postcards please follow the 3 step process below:

Step 1:
If you have designed your own artwork you can send it to the e-mail address included in the winning confirmation e-mail sent to your e-mail address after winning this item (please make sure to say what design is the front & back).

You can also upload them here: [wordpress_file_upload]

Step 2:
We will send you a proof (usually within one hour) for you to approve. You may make changes or approve the proof. We’ll keep sending you a proof until you’re complete satisfied with the artwork. If you’re sending your own artwork you may decline for us to send you a proof and we will start printing it right away.

Step 3:
Once the proof is approved we will start to print and we will begin to print your postcards. Once the postcards have finished printing we will give you a UPS tracking number for the shipment.

Social Media:  You Got This One, Right?

Social Media: You Got This One, Right?

Social Media:  You Got This One, Right?

Maybe….read on and let’s see if you do have it all under control.

CBS Radio News, June, 6, 2016 just said a full 94% of Americans are now shopping online to some degree.   WOW.   Folks, if you have a flip phone, well, I’d guess you are not reading this right now.  Because as of May 2016 a full 84% of you are reading this on a phone.   If you aren’t well…you’ve missed the point and should read anymore.  Otherwise folks, it’s time for 72 Charms to deliver another talisman of business magic.   Online Registrations.  Ready.  Launch.

4 out of 5 of your customers say that, frankly, that forced registration is more often than naught to much trouble to spend money with you.  More than 50% will just leave and find something else on Google.   Sigh…a full quarter of those will look to find a site that doesn’t require it (the login).  About 5% go away forever and will never return because you asked.  The remaining 20% or so will go ahead and comply with you and complete their registration.  Is this sinking in?

Another 4 out of 5 have been given bad information in the form of, incomplete, incorrect, or just a plain lie.   So retailers, we have a trust issue, and now you want them to register.  Would you?   Let’s make this worse folks.  Much worse!  90% of those 20% who did agree and registered and managed to return never return if they forget their password or login name.  Yes, even if it was there fault.  Yes, even if there was an automated recovery, a full 9 out of 10 adults will leave and never return before admitting they forgot your access codes to your site.

Oh Snap!  That’s not good.  Want to know what’s worse?  Less than 50% of those 20% left that don’t forget their password say you the retailer have never sent them anything.  Nope – nothing.   OMG!  Folks!  This is what 72 Charms does day in and day out for our merchants.  Yet so many of even our clients say, NOPE, I can do it myself, then don’t.  SO yes we here at 72 Charms certainly believe the figures.   Let’s review real quick.  Let’s check some real hard facts here. OMG!  This is almost a math class.  I know.  Stop and get some coffee right now.  I’m about to blow your mind.  Ready.  So based on real figures (rounded for simple math)

400,000 search engine exposures + 2,500 social media posts, shares, likes, etc. 8,000 page views to your site or 2% Click Thru to the Site (Qualified Traffic) Bottom line 700 Sales An amazing 9% Sales Conversion Rate From Qualified Traffic

So how much was “little” social media input worth?  Simple. The average Search Engine click thru rate is 0.05% = 250 from search engines  8,000 Page Views – 250 From Search Engines = 7,500 From Social Media.  That means that every post, share and like you see, generates 3 Page Views.

OMG!  That’s triple rate of return.  Every time someone shares or likes your page 3 people come back.   Oh, yes, I hear doubters in the back of the room.   Look, at it from this point of view.  When you as a consumer like a Facebook page, everyone of your friends will see the page on their newsfeed.  Repeat and rinse on Twitter and LinkedIN….etc….So why wouldn’t every single click become 3.   The numbers don’t lie folks.  They just don’t.

And, yes, you in the back corner, thank you for the comment that you don’t need it because you already list on the first page.   Wait, just when someone types in your name of your company with the correct spelling?  Well, of course.  Google does that for everyone.   That’s not SEO nor is it Social Media Marketing.  Ok, we are off topic.  Let’s rewind a bit.  Back to the 20% who registered at your site.  Less than 9% of them actually hear from the company on regularly basis.   And it gets worse, 75% of those who do get the regular communications say that the message conflicts across store channels (i.e. the web, the e-mail, the retail storefront – don’t have the same message) 65% say the offers aren’t for them (women getting men’s offers, etc.)  Close to 50% get the name, gender, or age range wrong.  So it’s now down to less than 10% of companies that actually can do this for themselves and not make these mistakes.  Back to social media.  85% of Fans will buy from you and get this 60% of Critics also bought from you.  That’s a full 4 out of 5 who say they seek out social media before making that buying decision.  If you have no Social Media presence, you almost have no business online.

Homework:  4 out of 5 people attempt to not create an account until they are ready to buy.  9 out 10 people who are forced to provide the information and register before purchase give fake information.  Consumers simply don’t come back to the website if they do register and then forget.  Fans of your social media are seriously more valuable customers.  Social media communication provides alternative personalization that is accurate and therefore better than what you could collect.  This is why e-mail newsletters and social media become critical to your profit.

We aren’t saying you can’t do it yourself.  What we are saying is unless you know what you are doing, we aren’t going to build a solar panel or a fix the Air Conditioner so why are you trying to be your own Social Content Marketing Company?  Using a company like 72 Charms ensures that you actually maximize your return on investment.  In the end we are cheaper than doing it yourself.
Visit www.72charms.com e-Mail info@72charms.com Call 702-267-8385

We’d love to discus your needs and future.

Content Edge

Content Edge

Detailed product content is the #1 reason people buy.  You know, years ago I met an amazing man who said if your content reached your audience you simply couldn’t give them enough content, so go ahead and mail them a 6 page letter or a whole catalog.  Charlie Mouser, a world leader in marketing in the 1980’s was so spot on, that now in the age of instant digital information, (read social media teasers leading to your web site) that 73% of consumers stated that detailed product information was why they bought.  That’s great news for small business.  Because just 43% say the brand matters anymore.  Brands care about growing sales and retailers care about growing product content because that grows their sales.  That’s not always a good thing.  Brands are sort of forced in to sharing information but don’t really want to.  Why is their a conflict?  Simple.  80% of brands sell the product themselves on their own website and bypass the retailers.  73% of brands sell thru major online marketplaces (think Amazon and eBay folks).  75% of brands sell on major retail sites (think WalMart and Targe folks) and yet 70% still, also, sell thru independent retailers such as you.  You see.  Brands don’t need online retailers (your website) as much as they did.  40% of those brands not selling online direct – will be in 2 years or less.   Are brands ready to be a retailer?  NO, in fact only 29% of brands think they are ready to be a retailer of their own product.  And just 25% of brands think they are ready for future shopping channels (can we say OmniCommerce…or order online and pick it up in an hour stuff).    With all of this data – the retailers are demanding product content for their websites and most brands are simply not ready to even deliver that.  Ironically, I was with a retailer the other day helping them with their content and they just happened to be a gun dealer, funny thing was the product supplier had content ready to load in Excel spreadsheets for over 5,000 SKU’s.  It took us less than an hour to post the items, the pictures, the SKU’s and the pricing.  That’s rare – but that’s what all retailers want from their “brands”

Websites built by 72 Charms LLC are ready to input digital content and push it to social media.  If you aren’t doing it.  Your customers aren’t buying it.  If you supplier isn’t providing it.  You’ll have to produce it or hire us in the process.  We are content experts.  Content is served to all devices at all times by all means.  When you couple that with the ability to take a payment on the fly you are ready to market.  Once there we can handle your security, printing, and funding needs of your expansion project.  

We are your partner.  Visit www.72charms.com for more information.  What we do isn’t magic.  It’s hard work and decades of experience.  What you experience is nothing short of “Business Magic”.