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  • to help business owners grow the businesses they have always dreamed.  Help us help merchants realize the full potential of their business.  We offer multiple services and therefore multiple income streams for you.  For example, a pizza restaurant owner may approach us:  In this case we can offer the following:  Printing and mailing of their menus to their zip codes where they deliver pizza to.  Business Cards and forms and flags for the street to drive traffic.  Plus, a website to excite and delight, fully e-commerce enabled, of course.  If they don’t have the money for it, we can advance them future sales to fund it all – plus they can use the money to pay taxes or payroll or buy equipment or remodel or even expand to a new location.   That’s business magic.  That’s 72 Charms.
Alternative Funding / Merchant Cash Advances
  • Specializing in helping small businesses with working capital challenges to purchase the essentials, like the products and services that you provide: inventory, phone systems, expansions, remodeling, security systems, and advertising.  Simple working capital.  Payroll and Tax Payments.  Debt consolidation.  Emergencies.  $5,000 – $500,000 in 72 hours is what we can do.  A merchant account is not required.   You can stay with your existing processor.   Daily and Weekly payback schedules.

Custom Printing

  • With near 150 different printing products, we can print near anything a business could ever want.
WordPress Design / Social Media Marketing
  • We can build a whole new brand online, from the website, to Facebook, to LinkedIn, to Twitter, to Google, to Newsletters, to E-Mail marketing, It’s a whole package.   Including e-commerce shopping carts and payment processing plug ins from most of the top companies.
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