WooCommerce Gateway Integration Methods

With 16,880,217 downloads, WooCommerce powers over 37% of all online stores.

WooCommerce is now the most popular eCommerce platform on the web, so you can rest assured you’re in good company.  That’s the long and short reason for why we build on this platform primarily.  The cart is free.  The primary way it makes it’s money is to charge an annual fee when you hook up a credit card processor to handle the payments.  The second reason we chose them is the fee is reasonable and the flexibility of the payment platforms is second to none.

If you really  do want FREE then it comes by default with Cash, COD, Wire, and PayPal as “free” options.  All the rest have a fee.  Let’s go over the most popular choices.     We are going to review the fees as of Sept. 2016 as published on Woo’s website and give you a fair market value for webmaster charges to get it hooked up for you.


PayPal is enabled by default and is free to all clients and can be disabled after a merchant account is selected or left as an alternative payment method.  There is no SSL required and no subscription fee.  Well…it’s simple as they say…a webmaster should hook it up for free for you.   Seriously it’s going to take them longer to log in to your site than hook up your PayPal.  Yep, it’s that native.


4 Choices 2 Require SSL and 2 DO NOT require SSL

Authorize.Net AIM or CPI Method $79.00 / yr Requires SSL (form is hosted on your server and payment traffic is dispatched underneath via the SSL)

Authorize.Net DPM or SIM Payment Gateway $79.00 / yr NO SSL REQUIRED (A payment form to your checkout process pay page which is posted directly to secure Authorize.net servers – because of this no SSL certificate is required on your site and complex PCI requirements are avoided)’

A guide to the 4 methods are provided online here

Additional fees from your webmaster should be in the $100 range for the Non-SSL methods and $200 for the SSL methods.

NMI (and the numerous “white-label” versions of it)

NMI is only supported under Authorize.Net emulation mode and is not natively supported on WooCommerce.  It does work under emulation if necessary.  It’s not a first choice for Woo.  It’s a good gateway.  Not for Woo.  Will work in a pinch if you have to….additional fees to get it working from your webmaster should be in the $200 range.

Elavon Converge (formerly VM) $79.00 / yr Requires SSL

There has been alot of push in the market on this one as of late.  A good gateway in and of itself, however, An SSL certificate is required for PCI compliance due to the direct checkout to ensure that your customers’ credit card information is secure.  The only method supported is direct check out via SSL certificate.  Not for Woo.  Will work but will cost you additional fees from your webmaster to get it working should be in the $300 range.

Other Choices

There are currently 150 gateways supported, click here to see who they support.

We don’t sell merchant services and we aren’t trying to sell you a merchant account.   However, with that said we do believe that you should buy your own gateway and OWN that and have your payment processor simply “program” it as your best course of action.  We sell the most popular gateways here.